Introduce yourself - In this thread! :)

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Introduce yourself - In this thread! :)

Post  Rockhound on Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:45 am

Hi there, as Tjector3 pointed out in his Jeremy Kyle style rant of the week, theres not a lot of general communication going on at the moment. I know i'm new in on this server but i was W&D on the last speed server and i can tell you how great it was having such great communication and camaraderie.
So i thought i'd give everyone a chance for some real world info about ourselves to get some community spirit going!

My name is Rich, I'm 27, and trained as an analytical geologist/material scientist. i currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but i am moving to a new job in Perth, Western Australia at the end of next month (needed a change from scottish weather!). You can see a bit more about what i've been up to here. its not a very detailed site, but its something (the text is a bit boring, but there are some pretty pictures!)!

As i said before i was in the winning confed last server as a W&D II member, spending most of my time as an anvil for the alliance with uber Gaul warriors!!


Rock Very Happy

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